The Modern Sexual Revolution

be part of something amazing!

So how can you help? Its simple.... share your story

How and when did you realise you were kinky or had a particular fetish?

How did you come to embrace it?

​What were or are your fears?

How does being a kinkster fit into your life?

The things you had wished you had known at the start of your journey?

Anything else you wish to tell me

All contributors names will be kept confidential, you don't even need to tell me a name at all, if i could state your country of residence that would be great.

You can tell me your story via video chat (there is quite a list for this) or email it to me

Discovering you're kinky can be very daunting and isolating, the fear of discovery, rejection and negative judgement often forces people to hide their preferences or kinks for many years. When people finally embrace it the journey can be turbulent. 

I am putting a new book together aimed at people who are new to kink, compiled of 1st hand accounts from others, to provide inspiration and support, so that they know there are others out there like them, to provide reassurance and ultimately to help them understand that being a kinkster is a wonderful thing.

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