Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

The Modern Sexual Revolution

Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not a state of deep sleep. It does involve the induction of a trance-like state, but when in it, the person is actually in an enhanced state of awareness, in this state the conscious mind is suppressed and the Subconscious mind is made more readily available. 

Hypnosis is a natural state, each and every one of us goes in and out of trance several times a day, for example when we are day -dreaming, concentrating, falling asleep or even watching the television. In the right circumstances anyone can knowingly go into hypnosis, I have worked with many people that believed they couldn't be hypnotised all of them could be, its really just about knowing what the purpose of the hypnosis is.

All Hypnosis is, is a particular brain wave state, its one of life's simple yet powerful things, helping you unleash the potential of your subconscious mind, and in some cases stopping it hindering you because a bit of faulty programming along the journey of life.

Hypnosis is an effective way of making contact with our inner (subconscious) self, which is both a reservoir of unrecognised potential and knowledge as well as being the unwitting source of many of our problems. 

What is Hypnosis ?.