Sexual Freedom Hypnosis

The Modern Sexual Revolution

Having sexual preferences and needs away from the social norm can often come with a fear of being judged, ridiculed or exposed. Kink friendly/ knowledgeable hypnosis, means that your preferences are embraced and accepted as part of the person you are (everyone has their kinks right?), without judgement or that your kinks, fetishes, life style choices or sexual orientation are an issue. 

Kink Friendly hypnosis means that you can be open and honest, deal with what you need to deal with, without the fear of judgement, without having to hide a part of yourself, you can just be you, as you are and make the changes you need to. Challenges people seek Kink Friendly and Knowledgeable hypnosis for can be sexual and non sexual, everything from Anxiety, to sexual dysfunction, smoking cessation and Kink specific issues such as letting go of a dominant / submissive dynamic after a relationship breakdown, or reigning in a fetish that has become an issue (nb. most fetishes are not issues, the acceptance of them can cause problems though). 

In some cases its just hypnosis rather than therapy, this could be enhancement of a particular thing e.g..Delaying orgasm or Helping someone experience something.. e.g.  feeling more womanly, feminine etc. 

Whatever your need please contact me to discuss, my service is completely confidential and I will have come across that need before, so please don't be embarrassed or shy.

What is Kink friendly KNOWLEDGEABLE Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?T